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-Erica Elle

. Erica Elle Art is both a culmination and manifestation of this artist’s passion and purpose at the same time. This brand is built on that one founding principle above. Belief that our gifts are meant to be used as fuel on the journey to becoming the highest version of ourselves, and as inspiration for others to do the same along the way. What is your vision? No matter how great or small, the hope is that you may find inspiration here to propel your own.

Founded in 2015, but grown over many years prior. We are located in Lawrenceville, Ga as a husband and wife team. Erica Elle’s passion for creation has grown tremendously after the decision to pursue it full time in 2011. With a vibrantly-colored abstract painting style leading the way, husband and Business Manager Adam IVY need only follow the paint splatters as the business propels itself! Feel free to connect with and reach out to us. We love to hear from you!